Information Security
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SpyderSec's Penetration Testing services center on identifying weaknesses and accurately conveying discovered issues so clients can better secure their assets. Penetration Testing services are specifically focused on one information security element and conducted using a hybrid approach of manual and automated testing. The value of a Penetration Test comes from the articulation of concise information detailing how and what vulnerabilities are discovered and the risk associated with each one. When properly documented and explained, this information provides organizations with a path to enhance their overall security posture.

Our Awareness and Training services focus on the human element and strive to educate employees in order to increase awareness and avoid costly mistakes. Both Phishing and Social Engineering attacks rely on human interaction to be successful and in each of these scenarios a technical control is not a reliable countermeasure. The ability to successfully identify an attack and know how to respond appropriately is a critical element in an effective defense strategy.


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