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Espial can be thought of as the answer to the question that has not been asked yet. Espial is an adept information gathering solution that discovers assets, services and vulnerabilities across your perimeter. Using private and publicly available information, Espial examines each target in order to gather information that could aid a malicious actor in future attacks. Discovered issues are presented in a single, easy to understand report complete with recommendations.

SpyderSec's PCI Penetration Testing Solutions center around PCI DSS 3.2 standards: Internal, External, Web Application and Segmentation Testing. In the latest 3.2 standard several requirements have been changed and there is more of a focus on ensuring robust testing. The overarching goal of penetration testing is to help an organization identify weaknesses and accurately assess the risk they pose. SpyderSec's PCI Penetration testing solutions help you learn about security shortcomings before attackers do while providing you with actionable information to help you tighten defenses, reduce attack surface and greatly increase an attacker's time and cost.


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