Information Security

Discover what an adversary sees when performing reconnaissance on your organization. From remote administrative portals and hidden services to forgotten websites and configuration errors, learn how big your footprint really is.

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Penetration Testing

Identify exploitable vulnerabilities and accurately assess the risk that they pose to your organization with SpyderSec's penetration testing services.

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PCI Solutions

SpyderSec offers PCI DSS penetration testing services that conform to the latest 3.2 standard to help organizations exceed their security goals and meet audit requirements.

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SpyderSec is a trusted information security solutions provider with a straightforward mission: To enhance the security posture of your organization. We specialize in providing penetration testing services to identify exploitable vulnerabilities, accurately assess risk and provide concise information to act on.

In addition to penetration testing services, SpyderSec offers Espial - an exceptional discovery scanning solution focused on open source intelligence gathering (OSINT). Espial is an automated tool used to help organizations narrow the gap between what they know and what they don't know.


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