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The Journey Begins

There are several different parts to this test, each will assess a various skill-set and your diligence, essentially you are looking for two flags: The correct email address to send your rèsumè to (flag#1) and the correct subject to accompany the email (flag#2). No scanning is required and in terms of, this page and only this page hold clues. Note: Only the first flag can be discovered with just the resources contained on, and referenced from, this page.

As with all portions of this website, your activity is logged and monitored; and to reiterate, there is no need to scan in order to successfully identify either flag. Once each flag has been obtained simply send your rèsumè (if you choose to) to the email address discovered in flag #1 with the subject line discovered in flag #2.

Believe to Understand The truth is out there.


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