Information Security
Awareness & Training

SpyderSec offers the solution to keep your associates up-to-date with the most relevant security information, test their resistance to social engineering attacks and determine the effectiveness of your anti-phishing program. Each one of these offerings is available as a standalone service to meet your needs.

Phishing Solutions

In today's world, if the email address or SMS number is valid, then at some point it has been the target of a phishing attempt. Phishing takes many forms; the media creates a new buzzword every year to describe the same old phish with a slightly different twist. Even with advanced SPAM and malware protection, phishing attacks still make it to the inbox and for a good reason. Technology is part of the solution, but not the complete answer. The challenge is to consistently discern between a phish and valid communiqué. SpyderSec trains users how to spot suspicious communications, how to confirm a website's validity and how not to be a victim.

Social Engineering

There are many paths that an attacker can take to infiltrate an organization, time and again however the human element is often the weakest link. Our social engineering awareness solution is designed to secure the human element. Our awareness and training solutions educate people on the topics that matter most to their organization, which is why this solution is customized to fit their needs. We take the time to listen so that we can develop the right training material that not only educates, but measures progress and validates the effectiveness of the training.

Security Training

SpyderSec offers on-site security training, the focus of which covers topics ranging from application whitelisting, to Zeus-bot detection. Training is conducted in a lecture format and is augmented with digital as well as hard copies of the material covered in class. The length of training sessions can be hours to days depending on the topic and established requirements. In addition to the cost saving benefits of local training, another great advantage of this service offering is the customized curriculum which is once again tailored to the needs of your organization.


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