Information Security
Our Mission:

SpyderSec exists: "To enhance the security posture of your organization"

SpyderSec is an information security consulting organization; offering penetration testing services and innovative information security solutions. The reason we were founded and operate today is to make you better, more secure and ultimately a more difficult target for attackers to compromise. We do this by providing the highest quality information security services and solutions. Our goal is to deliver on the expectations set and form a lasting relationship with clients based on the impeccable solutions we offer.


SpyderSec is headquartered in spectacular Denver, Colorado where we enjoy not only 300 days of annual sunshine, a healthy and active outdoor lifestyle but also intelligent people, a strong technology presence and thriving community. Years ago the concept for SpyderSec started with a passion and aptitude for information security and a realization that there is a need to do things better. This passion manifested itself as a desire to help organizations achieve their security related goals. It is this mentality that launched SpyderSec; built from the ground up by people seeking a better way. Today SpyderSec offers penetration testing services and innovative information security solutions to organizations in the Denver area and across the country.


At SpyderSec we place a high value on personal safety, integrity and trust above all. We strive to offer unique solutions and innovative services that go above and beyond satisfying client requirements. We strive to excel at what we do by taking the time to do things right. The following examples will highlight this especially well and shine some light on our culture of letting our actions speak for us. If you have a web development background look at the HTML source code, count how many GET requests it takes to load a page, note the 0% of unused CSS and how the design of the website stays the same regardless of your browser and its settings. If you are interested in cryptography, check this website's SSL certificate, note the PFS, the signing algorithm being used, the HSTS implementation and which cipher suites are accepted. Security centric people can look to our hiring process as well as login process, HTTP response headers and lack of third-party scripts. If you are in a management role... the list goes on. Point being we took, and continue to take, the time to do things right from the beginning and with devotion. This fact, in essence, embodies our culture and what SpyderSec is all about.


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